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Virtual Library

The Virtual Library page links to documents and reports that concern motorcycling.

These will primarily contain information from MAG and FEMA, but the library will also contain documents, reports, videos and external websites from other organisations and individuals.

MAG is NOT a road safety organisation.

However, since most challenges these days seem to revolve around road safety, we have to put these issues at the top of our political agenda to answer the safety agenda with our own.

In this way we can contribute to the road safety debate, by providing legislators, decision makers, safety experts and designers with the motorcyclists’ own expertise.

If you have a document or report that you think should be included, please get in touch with Nich Brown, MAG’s General Secretary at this email address:


MAG Position Statements

Download MAG Position Statements pdf 261kb


Motorcycle Safety

FEMA European Agenda on Motorcycle Safety

IHIE Motorcycle Guidelines


Rider Safety

How Close is Too Close

Avoid The 5 Most Common Motorcycle Accidents RoSPA pdf 183kb

Safer Motorcycling Through Work RoSPA pdf 819kb

2004 Transport Research Laboratory “The Accident Risk of Motorcyclists pdf

Young Pillion Riders: Should they be banned? Word doc 126kb

National Motorcycle Council (NMC) Dark Visors 2002 Word doc 51kb

Where You Look is Where You Go pdf 3.5mb


Bike Test

Take your bike test


Motorcycle Rider Technical

Roadworthiness Testing – FEMA Position *NEW

National Motorcycle Council - Motorcycle users' survey report

TNO report Motorcycle power 74 kW study Word Document

FEMA Reduction of Energy Use in Transport pdf 100kb



National Motorcycle Strategy Document pdf 343KB

Final Report to Government pdf 266kb

Motorcycling In Scotland - Guidance For Road Authorities pdf 159kb

Response Draft ACPO National Motorcycle Enforcement Strategy pdf 187kb April 2006


Transport Plans

Inclusion of Powered Two Wheelers in Local Transport Plans pdf 566kb

MAG Reponse to Draft Local Transport Bill pdf 101kb


Day Time Running Lights

MAG Response to European Commission Daytime Running Lights Consultation September 2006 pdf 204kb

FEMA Saving (Car Drivers) Lives With Daytime Running Lights pdf166kb

DfT Report - Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)


Bus Lanes

MAG overview on Bus Lanes in London Word doc 247kb

Traffic Advisory Leaflet 2/07 The Use of Bus Lanes by Motorcycles pdf 542kb


Secure Parking

MAG's "A Guide to the Design and Provision of Secure Parking for Motorcycles" pdf 1.15mb

Department for Transport - Motorcycle Parking Leaflet

Greater London MAG report on “Parking in Westminster” pdf 800kb

MAG Foundation Secure Parking Booklet Website


Crash Barriers

MAG “Vehicle Restraint Systems, Safety Fences, Crash Barriers, Motorcyclists” pdf 149kb

FEMA – “Road To Success” website


Manhole Covers

Consultation Response - Background - Bristol MAG Campaign



Compendium of Motorcycling Statistics: 2007 Edition

MAG Reworks Road Casualty Statistics in Great Britain pdf 197kb

A Different View of Casualty Statistics pdf 878kb



Trike Law



Bare Bones Project - For riders of Twist 'n' Go's and bikes under 125cc

Dangerous Games - Scooter Culture - Cool Advice - What Not to Wear

Moped safety - For Parents of Teenage Rider

Twist and Go



Transport for London (TfL) “Don’t Look See” campaign March 2008

Take longer to look for bikes - DfT 2006 Think Campaign (3.2mb)

Think Once Think Twice Think Bike" TV AD from 1975

Perfect Day Video (18.5mb)

'Oblivious Guy' from the Kangaroo Project and the Sean Francis Foundation

What do we have to do to get noticed?

A Day Out In Devon 2.4mb

Videos at the DfT - Think! Motorcycle Academy


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