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June 2000
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MAG Chairman honoured by NCOM

MAG Chairman Neil Liversidge has been awarded a 'Silver Spokes' Award by the US-based National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM). Silver Spokes Awards are made for a number of categories, the Silver Spokes 'Fred Hill International Award' being the one granted to Liversidge in recognition of his work for MAG during ten often turbulent years as Chairman.

Neil joined US Senators, Congressmen, movie stars and over 1000 rider group representatives from across the USA at the Clarion Hotel San Francisco for a weekend conference concluding with the grand banquet at which the awards were made.

Other award recipients included Louisiana State Governor Mike Foster for his work in the political sphere and Branscombe Richmond 'Bobby Six Killer' from the TV series 'Renegade' for media activities. (Renegade features a good guy on a Harley-Davidson battling evil). (Editor - Just like you Mutch!?)

NCOM is an umbrella group which co-ordinates the activities of numerous rider groups, financing its operations via a legal aid programme headed by Attorney at Law Richard Lester. Lester's Aid To Injured Bikers (AIM) programme funnels money from successful injury compensation cases to the group which runs the annual convention and bankrolls paid lobbyists to assist the efforts of state rider organisations. NCOM has assisted the repeal of adult helmet laws in over half the states in America and works to combat all forms of anti-biker discrimination.

MAG Director of Public Relations and founder MAG member Ian Mutch said, "No-one in MAG's 27 year history has worked so tirelessly for so long and for no financial reward".

After 'taking the reins' as Chairman in '89 when internal wrangling had reduced the group to chaos, Neil re-wrote the constitution to make MAG more democratic and has since continued to face every challenge and threat over the last ten years. Whenever a 'nettle has needed grasping' Neil has assumed the responsibility, never taking the soft option and courting intense unpopularity at times to do what is best for MAG and motorcycling. Neil has bought his expertise as a financial consultant to bear on MAG's affairs with astonishing success, enabling the employment of a full time staff to handle administration and political lobbying on a fully professional basis.

On the European front he played a major role in engineering the union of the Federation of European Motorcyclists (FEM) with the European Motorcyclists Association (EMA) to form FEMA, thus avoiding duplication of effort and maximising efficiency. As a member of FEMA's finance Committee he continues to provide a sensible voice to foster the fortunes of the pan European group.

For a family man with a four year old daughter and a demanding full time job, to sustain the level of involvement with MAG that he does, is little short of super-human. People of Neil's calibre are one in a million; and for MAG to enjoy the benefit of his efforts is the greatest stroke of good fortune imaginable.'

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