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Federation Motorcyclists Associations

MAG and the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations

In June 1988, national road riding motorcyclists' rights organisations from France, Germany, UK, Austria, Greece, Italy and Luxembourg gathered in Strasbourg to protest against unfair European motorcycle legislation.

Out of this meeting came the decision to form a European organisation to defend and promote the interests of riders, and the Federation of European Motorcyclists (FEM) was born.

On 1st January 1998, FEM and EMA (the European Motorcyclists Association) merged to form the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA).

FEMA is the only European riders’ rights organisation with a permanent presence in Brussels, concentrating its efforts on motorcycle and riderrelated matters.

Affiliated to FEMA today are 24 national riders' rights organisations from 19 countries across Europe. The Brussels-based Secretariat, headed by its General Secretary, co-ordinates policies and undertakes lobbying in line with the decisions of the FEMA Executive Committee, which meets three times a year and on which representatives from all affiliates in all European countries participate.

MAG UK was instrumental in setting up FEM, which went on to become the FEMA, of which MAG is an active member organisation.

A portion of your MAG membership goes towards funding FEMA, giving riders a voice in Europe and in Global Issues.


Picture by Wim Taal

Representatives of Member Organisations

FEMA's aim is to promote the interests of road riding motorcyclists by cultivating relationships with those in power, and assisting them in the framing of acceptable road transport legislation.

Through the FEMA Secretariat in Brussels, the lobbying efforts of the national organisations are co-ordinated, and a coherent motorcyclists' voice is presented to the European Parliament and Commission. FEMA is able to keep track of developments, and issues specific guidance on actions to be taken to the national organisations.

Whilst motorcycle industry and sporting interests are represented in Europe, we believe it is essential that the specific interests of the road riding motorcyclists are properly catered for. We maintain a strict policy of political neutrality.

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MEP Ride website Here

Before becoming the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA), the Federation of European Motorcyclists (FEM) decided in 1996 to organise its first MEP Motorcycle Ride.

The concept of the event was to bring together motorcycling citizens from all over Europe and their elected representatives for an informal and enjoyable event, giving MEPs the opportunity to experience the pleasure of motorcycling, while at the same time better understand motorcycle related issues.

This first edition was a great success and the MEP Motorcycle Ride has since been organised every year, usually during one of the EP Plenary Sessions. The 2004 and 2006 editions took place in Brussels.

It has now become a traditional event, well known at the European Parliament. With the full support of FEMA’s French affiliate FFMC67 (Strasbourg section), the MEP Ride attracts over 150 participants, including MEPs, their Assistants, FEMA members, and other stakeholders.

View MAG at the 2007 MEP Ride Here

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FEMA National Member Organisations

MAG Austria

MAG Belgium

CMF Czech Republic


DMC Denmark

MCTC Denmark

MP69 Finland

SMoto Finland

FFMC France

Biker Union Germany

BVDM Germany

LMI Luxembourg

MOT.O.E Greece

MAG Ireland

MAG Netherlands

Kuhle Wampe Germany

NMCU Norway

SMC Sweden

GAM Portugal

AMM Spain

CM Italy

IGM Switzerland

BMF United Kingdom

EMOK Turkey

MAG United Kingdom

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FEMA Products

You can also purchase FEMA products, and thereby give direct financial support to FEMA.

FEMA online shop is Here

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In Memory of Simon Milward

1965 - 2005

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