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MAG E-mail Lists

The Following e-mail lists are available to provide people with regular information on MAG's activities:

  • mag-uk-info - Official press releases. Sent to magazines, on-line publications, and anyone else that wants to receive them.
  • mag-uk-network - Text-only version of Network - MAG's monthly activists' newsletter. (Copies available on-line.)
  • mag-uk-activists - Information for MAG activists. Campaign information, requests for help, items of interest, etc.
  • fema-info - FEMA press releases and news.

To subscribe to any of the MAG E-mail lists please click Here

This will take you to all the MAG mailing lists.

Click on a list name to get more information about the list.

Are you active in a motorcycle-related Internet forum or e-mail list ?

If so, please see below.

MAG Activists in Forums

It's important that MAG be able to gauge the views of its members, and motorcyclists in general, when responding to Government consultations and deciding how to campaign on various issues.

Traditionally we've relied heavily on our network of local groups, reps and regional reps for this. This network is one of MAG's unique strengths, and we'll continue to use it and expand it.

However, we recognise that that not all members can attend local meetings, and not all motorcyclists are MAG members.

To address this, we're asking our active members to help us do the best possible job of assessing rider views on various matters.

Many of our members are active on motorcycle-related Internet e-mail lists or forums - such as Ixion or Bikersweb.

Various of these forums are quite receptive to discussing legislation or MAG-related issues.

We're not asking that people stand on a soap-box and preach.

What we're suggesting is that if an issue comes up, and you're a member of a forum that may be interested, consider raising the matter there, and starting a discussion.

Your regional rep will be interested in hearing the kind of opinions voiced, and any consensus reached.

It's probably courteous to the forum to let them know you'll be reporting back when you initially raise the matter.

Many forums are sensitive about material being quoted from the forum without permission, so a short summary in your own words may be best.

When e-mailing your regional rep on these matters, please include your name, membership number and post-code, for verification purposes.

Hopefully, this will result in MAG being better informed of riders' views, and participants in these forums being better represented.

If you want to receive regular e-mails from MAG on our activities, please click here for information on subscribing to our e-mail lists.

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