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About Network

The aim of Network is to have a ‘business only’ style with five primary objectives. Network is a living document and will continually evolve to provide is primary objectives.:

  • Prominence is to be given to the promotion of MAG fundraising events and flyers for MAG events will be included free of charge provided that event organisers make them available to MAG Central Office by the cut-off date for any given issue. Network will also actively recruit volunteers to help run major MAG events and activities, such as the staffing of the show stand at the NEC, Scottish Show, GMEX, and Alexandra Palace etc.
  • Network will promote ‘best practice’ in all we do. It will facilitate the interchange of ideas between regional and local officers on how best to promote MAG, MAG membership, MAG events, MAG branch viability and MAG activities.
  • Network will carry in-depth material to further our lobbying efforts and promote a genuine understanding of the issues we face.
  • Network will promote the understanding amongst the Membership, via regional and local officers, that MAG Members are, via MAG UK, Members of a prestigious global organisation working specifically in the interests of all motorcyclists, and more generally for democracy, individual personal freedom, tolerance and mutual understanding.
  • Network will also include material of specific relevance to clubs and will provide listings for affiliated club events. Flyers for such events may also be included at an agreed cost.

To achieve the five primary objectives the following formal structure is therefore envisaged for Network the contents of which should appear in the following order:

  • Front cover / contents / contact details
  • Affiliated Club event listings.
  • Listings for MAG Events
  • News (What is going on in MAG – appointments, resignations, new branches starting up etc. Achievement recognition for recruitment / fundraising / political lobbying action successes. Use this to (partly) fulfil the ‘interchange of ideas’ brief.
  • Action Briefing UK – political / lobbying news on the home front, including anti-theft rewards paid out, news on successful lobbying efforts by individual branches etc.
  • Action Briefing Europe – FEMA news and information on the activities of our FEMA partners.
  • Action Briefing Global – information from around the world, much of it expected to be sourced from the USA.
  • Volunteers Wanted – for NEC stand, rally marshals etc.
  • (Inside back page) Form to notify events for inclusion in listings with fax/email contact details.
  • The back page. MAG People. Picture and pen portrait of good branch officers saying who they are and what they’ve done. Use this to promote bright sparks that appear likely future leadership material and again, to fulfil the ‘interchange of ideas’ brief.

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MAG UK, PO Box 750, Rugby, CV21 3ZR.
Tel. 01788 570065 Fax. 01788 570052

MAG is a member of the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations giving riders a voice in European and in Global Issues - FEMA